Monday, October 25, 2010

{Get To Know Us Mondays} Kyle Emig

This week, get to know Kyle Emig. Kyle is one of our DJ's - he also does production set ups and plays the piano for some of our clients during cocktail hour. He's a very talented pianist, so if you're looking for some live music to jazz up cocktail hour, give us a call to find out more about booking Kyle!

Becky: Where are you from?
Kyle: I'm from Langhorne, PA

B: Do you have a “day” job?
K: I am a senior Marketing major at West Chester University

B: What’s your favorite type of music? Do you have a favorite song?
K: My favorite kind of music is hip hop and jazz/blues fusion. I like the idea of combining genres of music to form something new. It's really tough to pick a favorite song of all time! I think probably Let it Be by the Beatles.

B: How did you get into DJing?
K: I got into DJing through Mike who brought me out to my first job which was to set up drape for Pennsbury's prom.

B: What did you want to be when you grew up? Is it still an option?
K: I wanted to be in the NBA. I won't make it. I'm already too old!

B: What’s your favorite type of event to DJ, why?
K: My favorite type of event to DJ is a wedding. I think a wedding is the most fun because of the variety of a people it brings together. As a guest of weddings, I love to see all of my family members (especially those who had to travel long distances), and also party and dance with my friends and cousins. As a DJ, watching guests kick back and have fun for a few hours is a great feeling!

B: Do you have any hobbies? What are your favorite things to do?
K: When I'm not DJing or going to school, I love to play and follow sports. I played basketball at Neshaminy High School and later at Bucks County Community College, and still play in several mens basketball leagues around the area. Going to Phillies games is my favorite thing to do in the summer (and usually Fall). I keep up with the team on sattelite radio which is great for sports talk and music.

B: What's your favorite movie?
K: My Favorite Movie is Casino. I like anything with Robert DeNiro.

B: Do you have any pets?
K: I had a chocolate lab growing up named Apples (RIP), and recently got another chocolate lab named Lucy.

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